Whether you are a retail merchant, an established brand, quick-serve restaurant, or media retailer mobile promotions and discount offers deliver outstanding performance that can help you realize your marketing and business objectives.

Below we look at a case study that illustrates how a customer incorporated mobile promotions to engage and drive customers to their locations.

CASE STORY - Fast Food Coupons - Harold’s Chicken

Case Study 1The Client: Harold's Chicken and Shack. A regional fast food chain facing issues like many of their competitors—slow periods in the afternoon where sales and traffic are slow. In order to bring back customers in a timely manner and acquire new ones, Harold’s Chicken turned to Mobile-Dialog.

The Mobile Marketing Challenge: To combat the slow periods, Harold's Chicken decided to use mobile promotions to reach and bring back their customers and to build an increased interest in their products and offerings.

"We kept spending money on traditional marketing opportunities without any increasing result. Going with SMS coupons has given us an opportunity to connect with our customers anywhere and anytime and increase our sales during slow periods" - Lawrence Nyong, Harold’s Chicken Store Owner.

The Mobile-Dialog Solution: In October 2007, Harold’s Chicken and Mobile-Dialog began using an SMS-based advertising campaign where customers were able to sign up with their cell phone at store locations to get timely coupons with unique coupon codes. Customers joined up by sending a text message with key word "Free Food." These calls to action where placed on advertisements, displayed on store signage and incorporated in existing marketing efforts. By sending a keyword to our short code, customers received an immediate reply saying:

"Save 10% off your next meal on Mondays- Friday between 1-5 PM only. Bring a friend along and both of you save 20% each. Ends in 3 days. Exchangeable at local outlets."

Our goal was to make the coupon redeemable for a short period of time and add an element of urgency. Also subscribers will continue to receive specials on a weekly basis that will lead to a conditioned behavior of coming in between 1- 5 pm, Mondays to Friday.

The Result: Our mobile advertising campaign resulted in an 11% increase in sales for their participating stores.

  • Participating stores received an average of 53% redemption rate on the first SMS and subsequent 37% redemption rate overall.
  • Over 32% of customers who received offers brought their friend.


  • 36.6 million Americans participate in mobile marketing campaigns monthly
  • 12% of mobile U.S. subscribers who receive an SMS ad respond to it
  • 1 out of 3 US mobile subscribers, or 78 million people, saw or listened to an ad on their cell phone during the last three months, according to a study
  • Of all the mobile ads used, text was the most popular, with about 70% of respondents saying they currently use text ads and 69% planning to use them in the next six months
  • Offers sent via text message convert 10-20 times higher than either email or direct mail
  • 89% of consumers shop for information about products online. Less than 7% of retail sales actually take place online-the remaining 93% takes place offline. Big Research 2007 & Forrester State of Retailing Online

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